Free Time… whats that?

Posted by Ace Of Clubs On January - 30 - 2010

Those of you who know me personally, know how little time I have to do anything.  I am working a full time job, training for MMA roughly 20 hours per week, taking 6 hours of computer science graduate classes, working at an internship, and attempting to create a new start-up.  Anytime I get free time, I have quite the decision to make.  Should I spend it relaxing and trying to recharge or should I be productive and further my programming or art.

Option 1:  relaxing and recharging.

This option to some feels like a waste of time.  In essence it is a waste of time.  You are not accomplishing anything at all.  But looking at the productivity after the “wasted time” typically will showcase different results.  Speaking from personal experience, I am typically much more productive after I have taken some time off.  Even if it is just a night, the short time spent not doing my normal activities allows be to clear my head, ease my frustrations, and refocus my body.   By taking breaks, my brain is allowed to reset, refocus, and get read to get back in to high gear.

Option : 2  Productivity

Knowledge is power.  To furthers ones goals one must continually seek the power.  In the world we live in, it is not an understatement to say the world is binary.  You are either a 1 or a 0, alive or dead.  You cannot afford to fall behind.  Especially in today’s job market.  Competition is cut throat, and the latest and greatest new skills can make a difference.

In the physical world, an athlete must constantly be getting bigger, faster, stronger.  You must constantly be out working your opponent.  He/she may be putting in the time are you?

As a developer/designer, frustration and or writers/artist block can be a serious problem.  With my schedule, after a time, I will become fustrated with my lack of free time.  This will cause my productivity to slowly degrade, which will cause more frustrations and cause the degradation to increase.

The same can be said with physical training.  It is physically impossible for someone to continuously train at a high level day in and day out for extended periods of time.  The body simply cannot handle the long haul.  This is something my teammates and myself are struggling to work on.  I personally do not like taking days off from training.  I feel I am getting better everyday by going as hard as I can in practice.  This however leads to many injuries.  For the past 3 fights, I have been training on various injuries.  While I will take a day here or a day there off to let something “heal up”,  I never took the month or two month required to completely heal an injury.  As a result of this, the likly hood of re injury is greater.

My thoughts:

For my studies,  I will continue my active lifestyle, but at the same time I will take my breaks when I can find them.  Luckily for myself, I have an absolutely wonderful girl friend who knows exactly how to talk me through when I get fustrated or have a mental block.  She is a huge part of my support network, and because of her I am able to go at 100%.  This brings up a good point on self and team dynamics and how they apply to more things then you think, but that is for another day.

For my MMA training, After my last fight, I have taken a full week off from training.  This is the longest break from training I have taken in about a year.  I received no injuries or bruises from the last fight itself, but I received a few during training for the last fight that still must heal up.  This past week has been quite helpful in healing.  I could probably use a month or two to completely heal up, but I cannot afford to be inactive for that great a period of time.  Fighters are never 100%, and I will heal while training.  Because I am not 100% I will of course have to take it easy training until I am closer to 100% but that does not mean I cannot train hard.

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