Weight Cutting and Putting it back on

Posted by admin On March - 13 - 2010

Ace Of Clubs After Cutting Weight

I have my system for weight cutting down to a pretty precise level.  I get questions on it so I figured I would share a little about it.  Before I begin I can not stress this enough, DO NOT TRY THIS FOR THE FIRST TIME RIGHT BEFORE A MATCH.  You should never ever try something new before a match.  The first time I tried something similar to this method, it left me so weak and tired I could barely stand up let along compete.  With the warning out of the way here is me method.


Drink lots and lots of water. 5 days out I carried around a gallon jug of water and made sure I drank 2 gallons of water everyday at least.3 days out I cut the intake down to 1 gallon. 24 hours before no significant amounts of water.


1 week – 2 weeks out cut calorie intake to about 1200 cal per day. this resulted in a gradual weight loss of 1 lb for every 2 days.

Week of: Practice Monday/Tuesday.
Diet Atkins style, Morning: eggs with salt m-t-w, EAS Carb Control Shake 10 AM, Atkins granola bar 11 AM, Romaine lettuce noon, 1 pm Romaine lettuce noon, 2 pm EAS Carb Control Shake, 3 pm Atkins Granola Bar.

One Night I had pulled pork, no BBQ sauce, and salad aka just lettuce.

I also had a chicken breast one night.

Thursday no salt same diet.

Thursday night I spent 10-20 mins in the sauna, not a bad time period at all.  This sauna period was more of a relaxation period for me, because I did drink water after the sauna.

Friday no food, and small mouth fulls of water ever couple hours. Take vitamins before sleep and when you want up. I did have an atkins bar friday evening after checking to see my weight was around 156, but be careful with doing this. Your body will instantly absorb the bar and you will gain more weight then the bar itself weights. I gained 2 lbs for a short period of time from 1 such bar.

ok you made weight now even more will power is required,.

Once you weight in it is important to eat something small to kick start your stomach. I ate raw cooked plain pasta. and drank a liter of pedialite (*SP?). I followed that up with drinking generous amounts of water, a second liter of pedialite,  and went and ate a pasta lunch spaghetti and meatballs. All the while Drink water and more water.

I can not stress this point enough, even if you are not thirsty you need to keep drinking.just slight dehydration will result in 10% power and stam. loss. The numbers only get worse the more dehydrated you are. A good rule of thumb to tell if you are hydrated enough, when you pee if it is clear not yellow you have done a good job.

If you can get some rest or if you have enough time to lie down in a tub of room temperature water before you have to check in this will also help your body will soak up water helping you hydrate. You stomach will probably feel slightly upset, so be sure to have the majority of your re-hydrating done by the time the event starts.

After doctor check ins, find somewhere and lie down. Take a nap. Your body needs to shut down so it will have the energy to digest and process the foods it now has.  Your body cannot effectively keep you awake, functioning, and digest the foods.  If you can get some sleep you will feel much better and become much stronger when you wake up.

Using this method I dropped from about 170 to 155 in 3 weeks.

About 10-11 lbs of it came with in the last week. By the time of the fight my weight was back up to 166. I felt very strong, and my endurance was not compromised.

A side note, during the week of training. I did feel weak and before weighins I did feel slightly weak, but once I took in carbs and slept I was fine.

If by the night before you are having trouble with your weight, here is a method that will quickly take lbs off.  But WARNING DO NOT TRY THIS WITH OUT SOMEONE WITH YOU!!!!  Fill a tub with hot water.  At my apartment the water does not get hot enough so I boil water and pour it into the hot water I got from the faucet.  You should be able to touch and get in the water.  It should be uncomfortably hot but bearable.  Do not scold yourself.  typically it should “tingle” when you move under the water.  Submerge yourself except for your face under the water. stay there for upto 10 minutes.  Most of the 10 minutes will be you attempting to submerge yourself. get out after 10 minutes, put an ice pack on the back of your head/neck laydown and do not move.  Your heart will be beating quite hard. you must slow your body down. Control your breathing do not panic lay down until your heart stops racing and you are cooling off.  Check your weight.  This method should only be used as a last resort.  It is very very hard on your body and very dangerous, do not try this alone.
Again do not ever try a new weight cutting technique right before a fight, and always make sure you have someone who will watch you when you are cutting weight.  You never know what adverse reaction you may get.  Just because it is one of those things that never happens, does not mean it cannot happen to you.

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