Fighters Diary (March 23, 2010)

Posted by admin On March - 23 - 2010

Ace Of Clubs Title Fight Poster3.23.2010

Today is Tuesday, the fight is on Friday.

My weight cutting so far has been going really well.  It is slightly bouncing around from 160 to 164 but both the top end and low end numbers are still good news.  My weight cutting techniques which I have laid out in a Previous blog post ( Weight Cutting and Putting it back on ) are working quite well.  I did re-discover that I am allowed to drink a soda, so long as it fits in with my diet rules.  This  is great news for me because I am currently I am working for Coca-Cola, where soda is very abundant, and after not having anything sweet or having anything that has that soda burn I have been craving some serious sweet food.  I popped open a Cherry Coke Zero during work yesterday and it was AMAZING.  Another side effect from my weight cutting techniques I am getting pretty good at cooking chicken breast, making sticking to the diet much easier.

My contact training ended on Sunday, and I am happy to report I suffered no cuts in the final weekend.  Training was its regular self, except that it was winding down for me at least.  We have other fighters fighting in the second week of April and they are training full bore.  Monday I worked mostly on footwork, movement, and hips.  Due to the likely hood on injuries, I was hands off Monday and am hands off on Tuesday.

My mental Preparation for this fight is quite strange.  This is the first fight I have been in, in which I am not nervous.  Usually I am concerned about a fight for this or that reason.  This fight is different however, I have done what I need to do in the gym I have watched the film I need to watch.  My nervousness has been replaced with confidence and anxiousness.  My motivation for this fight is at an all time high.  Not only is it a title fight, but it is a fight in which I am not receiving any credit or given much of a chance.  Recent comments by a certain promoter/management rep have done nothing but add fuel to the fire.  I’ve spent a couple nights staying up late, not by choice, thinking about the fight envisioning how it will go, what counters I will need to use at the correct time.  All the while getting more and more amped up, probably the reason why I couldn’t sleep, about proving people wrong and putting on one hell of a show.

My sponsors, XO Restaurant and Lounge off I-77 Exit 28 ( XO Restaurant & Lounge ) have been really helpful in supporting me.  They are holding my official after party the fight.  Crossface MMA also off exit 28 (Crossface MMA) has been great helping me get ready for this fight.  AMAA Team One in Winston Salem thanks for coming down and training with us.

I’ll leave today’s fight diary with one statement.

I can say with 100% confidence I will win this match.

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