Fighter Diary Post Elite XII

Posted by admin On May - 31 - 2010

The Ace Of Clubs Ready to FightAside from my leg I am feeling fine.  I have to say those leg kicks really hurt.  The worst part was not the pain of the actual impact during the fight, it was the debilitating effects to my movement.  Each time my leg was struck it made it that much harder to pick it up and move it.

After the fight I could barely move my leg. but after lots of ice and icyhot the brusing is nearly gone but still swollen.  My movement in it has improved vast amounts from the night of.  I will continue to ice it and rest it today in hope of light training on Tuesday.

I notices after the fight the punch he landed on my left eye apparently gave me a cut next to my nose.  Cut was very shallow so it is nothing of concern.  An interesting note,  I slept on the opposite side I usually sleep on last night and apparently it cause my other eye to turn black. horray for physics.

So even though I am not out running/hitting a bag today I am doing what I can to research my next opponent.  Honestly I am struggling as one would expect when searching for someone who is making their first fight.  I have found how ever, he was a damn good wrestler in High school, and was suppose to go to Appalachian State to wrestle but something happened and he does not appear on their roster.  That being said I am preparing to fight a beast.  I’ll take what I have learned so far and just fight my game.

Chris “Ace Of Clubs” Smith

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