I am preparing for a Lightweight Title Unification bout on January 29, at the Grady Cole Center in Charlotte.  I will be fighting Jason Lineberger.  He beat Amos Collins for the Interim Lightweight belt.

The injury was a blessing in disguise.  It has allowed, ok forced is a more accurate word, to take the time I need to heal from a very active first year of cage fighting.  I am working hard to come back stronger, faster, more in shape, and better then ever.

I have to give a big Thank you to Advanced Spinal Fitness for keeping me together and helping me stay healthy.  They have been and are still a huge part of allowing me to continue training.  Check them out at http://www.advancedspinalfitness.net/


For this fight I am training at my home Gym of Crossface MMA  www.crossfacemma.com , and Team ROC http://nc.roycegracie.tv/ Both of these gyms are top notch places to train and I would highly recommend either of them to anyone looking to train to fight or train to just get in shape.

Lastly, I have a sponsorship space open center chest and a large spot on shorts, as well as a small space on both shirt and shorts.  If you or know someone who would be interested in the advertising space/Sponsorship please have them fill out information on the contact form http://shufflegames.net/contact/

Chris “Ace Of Clubs” Smith

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