VPX Sports Redline Ultra Hardcore Pre-Review:

After speaking with VPX Sports’ representatives as NACS 2011 in Chicago, I decided to give their products a try.  I have two VPX Sports’ products I will be testing, Redline Ultra Hardcore and Liquid Clenbutrx Hardcore.  NOT AT THE SAME TIME.  Did I mention NOT AT THE SAME TIME, and one more time NOT AT THE SAME TIME.  If you are reading this, again another time for good measure, DO NOT TAKE THESE TWO AT THE SAME TIME.

I have always had a higher tolerance to “energy” products.  Whither it is energy drinks, or energy supplements.  At work they settle my mind down and help me focus on my coding.  The problem with energy drinks is drinking a can or 2 of say Monster Absolute Zero; taste great, zero calories, and carbs; will absolutely destroy your endurance during a cardio intensive work out.  This is understandable because energy drinks typically heighten your senses, usually be increasing your heart rate.  This caveat aside moving along to the actual products.

I tried Clenbutrx, the new Version – do not take the older version as it is not safe for drug tested athletes, for about a week just to test it out.  I have to say it taste as bad as VPX says.  It is kind of like cough medicine.  Clenbutrx is a liquid thermogenic meaning it will raise your body temperature.  By raising your body temperature you will burn more calories.  While taking this, I did felt “hotter than normal” and did lose some weight.  Within the first day or so, I did get a light headed feeling in the morning, but it went away and it did not negatively effect me.  One thing I cannot stress enough while taking this product is to drink plenty of water.  A few liters a day minimum, this is not only safe, it will also help your body stay efficient and hydrated.  For me, I felt this product would be better suited to take during a weight cut.  The week prior to weigh ins.  I will be doing a test weight cut in December or late November and I will let post updated results.

The Second product, Redline Ultra Hardcore, comes in pill form.  It works in much the same was at the Clenbutrx except it is in pill form rather than a liquid.  The pill has smaller capsules inside it which supposedly give it a time released effect.  While taking this, I have noticed much of the same effects as taking the Clenbutrx.  I do not feel as “Hot” on the pills as I did on the liquid.  I like the focus it gives me throughout the day.  It also gives me a consistent flow of energy throughout the day which flows into my evening workouts.  The consistent flow of energy and focus alone have made me love this product.  Now I am just now getting back to full training so the real test for this product will be on how it effects my cardio.  If it hurts me in the way that energy drinks did, basically I get extremely winded, I will have to re-evaluate taking this product.  I have high hopes from early testing for this product.

Both of these products seem to have appetite suppressant qualities.  Not huge ones mind you but I have noticed I am not as hungry when I take these products.

One minor thing, after getting less sleep than usual, I decided to drink 2 cans of Monster Absolute Zero during the day.  This extra boast gave me the energy to focus on my coding.  However, at practice cardio practice + training, I was completely winded doing exercises which should have never left me feeling as tired as I did.  Because of a combination of the Redline, Monster, and the fact that I am not in the best of shape right now, I can’t pin point the exact cause.  I suspect it was the energy drinks, as I have done cardio, while on the redline ultra hardcore, and not felt that winded.

I’ll be posting smaller updates with any relevant information throughout this testing period, as well as a summary when it is all complete.

I want to stress again for anyone considering taking any of these supplements.  Assess your tolerance first.  You can have some nasty side-effects.  Do not combine like supplements.  Clenbutrx and Redline are both stimulants combining them will have bad results.  You should be drinking plenty of water already but even more so when taking any supplements.

Full disclosure:  I received the Clenbutrx free of charge, but personally bought the Redline Ultra Hardcore.

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