The lead up to the Jan 23 Fight

Posted by Ace Of Clubs On January - 27 - 2010

This is part one of a two part series about the January 23 MMA fight in Winston Salem.  In this blog, I will talk about the lead up to the fight, training, dieting, and my basic routine.

This fight was kind of strange in the fact that I had a very shortened training camp.  Family is very important to me.  Because of this,  I was traveling for Christmas and New Years with my girl friend.  I did get a light work out in a couple days during both trips , but not what I would call true training.  This left me with only 2 weeks of hard training.

No sense in complaining about the time frame so my team got down to business.  Luckily for myself Sebastian is finally healthy.  He is my stand up coach, Crossface teammate, and easily one of the best strikers I have seen or been hit by.  My team put me through quite a ringer getting me in shape for this fight.  I generally stay in pretty good shape but they got me completely ready.

The first weekend we had some really productive sparring sessions, and with out a doubt they worked me over pretty good.  During the week we had to take it a little easier because of bruises and what not received during the first hard sparring session.  It was quite a productive week if not at physically intensive as we would have liked.  The second and last weekend still sore but we were determined to work through it.  With an hour left in practice, bad luck struck again.  I received another injury causing my practice to end early.  The following week was spent mostly with light conditioning.  A teammate’s wife was able to place some special  tape on my injury which allowed it to heal more quickly.  By the day of the fight I was not 100% but I was feeling pretty good.

I put on more weight then I had expected during holidays which made the weight cutting for this event all the more important.  I cut my calorie intake  to safe levels, that still allowed me to train.  The week of the fight I began cutting weight via Atkins.  Typically I loose about 10 lbs when I do this.  My diet consist mainly of Eggs, Chicken, Pork, and romaine lettuce.   I was not so lucky with my weight cutting this time.  Weighing in Friday, I weighed about 160lbs.  After work I weighed in at 159lbs.  I spent some time in the “hot box” and got my weight down to 157lbs.  I then used a hot tub method to get my weight down to 155 lbs.

I went to sleep early, mainly because I was so hungry and thirsty, and was very happy that I would not need to do any additional weight cutting the day of the fight.

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